Alpine Peaks 100% Organic Loose Leaf Teas


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Looking for an organic tea?

Alpine Peaks Teas are 100% organic. Each bag of Alpine Peaks Tea is handcrafted in small batches and packaged in resealable bags for your convenience. Makes 25 – 30 Cups.

Our Yellowstone River Sunset Tea is loose leaf, certified organic, caffeine free healthy blossom tea.

These flowers and leaves are traditionally known as beneficial herbs. Combined, they create a naturally sweet beverage that can be enjoyed either hot or iced.

Our ingredients include Organic red clover herb, Organic nettle leaf, Organic Ginkgo leaf, Organic red clover blossoms, Organic Calendula flowers, Organic skullcap, Organic lavender flowers, Organic chamomile flowers.

Namesake: The Yellowstone River is considered one of the most scenic and beautiful in all the United States. Its grand canyon, waterfalls, and meadows filled with wildlife are all major attractions and rightfully so as they are all beautiful places. However, catching a sunset along the meandering river’s meadows is truly an incredible experience.


Our Mint To Be In Paradise Tea is loose leaf, certified organic, and caffeine free mint tea.

Cool and refreshing, with light, lively yet herbaceous undertones.

Our ingredients include Organic Peppermint leaf, Organic spearmint leaf, Organic peppermint flavoring.

Namesake: Paradise Valley, Montana is located between Livingston and Gardiner in Park County, south-central Montana. It stretches from Livingston in the north to the Yankee Jim Canyon in the south – 15 miles from Yellowstone National Park. Paradise Valley is a thin rolling valley of golden hills split by the Yellowstone River and flanked by the towering Absaroka Range on the east and the Gallatin Range on the West. Today, there are multiple ranches, the Yellowstone River, refreshing hot springs, and scenic views throughout the valley that draw people in year-round. Paradise Valley, MT is also home to a range of native Montana wildlife. It’s a winter range for various elk herds,


Our Gateway To Paradise Tea is a loose leaf, certified organic, White Silver Needle Tea.

Harvested for only 2-3 days each spring, white silver needle tea is one of the rarest and finest teas in the world. Crisp with a subtle floral aroma with a clean, unadulterated flavor. Contains caffeine.

The only ingredient is Organic silver needle tea.

Namesake: Such a special tea had to have a special name. Livingston, Montana is the original Gateway to Yellowstone, but it’s so much more than that. Livingston is museums, trails, fine and casual dining, and kite flying. There are blue ribbon trout streams, art galleries, theaters, shops, and boutiques. There is art, culture, cowboys and ranchers, and the outdoors.


Our Tom Miner Bear Bait Tea is a loose leaf, certified organic, caffeine free ginger peach tea.

The earthy, honeybush compliments the warmth of the ginger making this a comforting cup to enjoy. The flavor carries undertones of spice and allows the sweetness of the peaches to come forward.

Our ingredients include Organic honeybush tea, Organic dried peaches, Organic ginger root, Organic peach flavoring.

Namesake: Some of the best things in life are hidden in plain sight, and Paradise Valley’s Tom Miner Basin is definitely one of them. There’s wildlife: grizzlies, black bears, wolves, elk, moose, and dozens of other species roaming free beyond the official confines of Yellowstone National Park. There’s camping, hiking, and climbing. There’s 50-mile views and real working ranches. Tom Miner at its best is settled but still wild. From the campground or trail, it’s nearly certain that you’ll have company of the wilderness variety. Tom Miner is prime habitat for grizzlies, so make sure to bring your bear spray.


Our Yankee Jim Canyon Blend Tea is loose leaf, certified organic, and caffeine free.

A delectable blend delivering the antioxidant benefits of red rooibos and the natural sweetness of honeybush in a delicately fragrant and flavorful cup.

Our ingredients include Organic red rooibos tea, Organic honeybush tea.

Namesake: Yankee Jim Canyon is a short, narrow canyon on the Yellowstone River about 13 miles north of Yellowstone Park. The canyon has the largest rapids on the Yellowstone River outside of the Park (boating on the Yellowstone River is banned in Yellowstone Park). Yankee Jim Canyon is less than five miles long and the whitewater rapids are confined to the first couple of miles. Rafting and kayaking are popular and there are a number of whitewater rafting companies located nearby.


Our Crazy Mountain Winter Tea is loose leaf and certified organic apple spice tea. Contains caffeine.

The charming flavor of dried apple and pear are balanced by the sophisticated white peony tea leaves. The aroma is deliciously sweet, though this tea’s flavor is subdued by the earthy nettle and lemon balm leaves.

Our ingredients include Organic white peony tea, Organic lemon balm, Organic nettle leaf, Organic apples, Organic pears, Organic sweet cinnamon chips, Organic apple cider flavoring.

Namesake: The Crazy Mountains are a distinct, stand-alone mountain range in southwestern Montana, close to Livingston and Big Timber. The range is a small section of the northern Rocky Mountains stretching for 30 miles between the Yellowstone and Musselshell Rivers. The ‘Crazies’ are identifiable from their jagged peaks and steep slopes, with more than 30 of these peaks being in the region of 10,000-11,000 feet in elevation. The range is situated in a highly scenic region of Montana which comprises parts of both the Gallatin National Forest and the Lewis & Clark National Forest.


Our Pray For Wisdom Tea is a loose leaf, certified organic, caffeine free tranquility tea.

A beautiful infusing blend of flowers and mint. The flavor is crisp and light. Great iced also.

Our ingredients include Organic chamomile flowers, Organic peppermint leaf, Organic spearmint leaf, Organic lavender flowers, Organic lemon verbena, Organic rose petals.

Namesake: Pray is located along the Yellowstone River in the heart of the aptly named Paradise Valley, just a short drive from Yellowstone National Park. Picturesque views of the Absaroka Mountain Range in the Custer Gallatin National Forest are a dime a dozen here. It really is paradise, and with plenty of outdoor exploration to be had, like fishing, camping, cabin getaways and scenic hikes.


Our Early Montana Morning Tea is our earl grey tea. Loose leaf and certified organic.

One of the most recognized teas, Earl Grey is a classic black tea, complimented with the flavor of orange bergamot, The combination is floral, sweet, malty and citrusy all at once. Contains caffeine.

Our ingredients include organic black tea, Organic bergamot flavoring.

Namesake: “Montana morning” is a phrase Montana locals use when they wake up or come out of deep sleep. Montana mornings are notoriously beautiful – with crisp, clear air, majestic mountain ranges, and the sun just beginning to peek out over the horizon.


Our Montana Beekeepers Blend Tea is a loose leaf, certified organic, caffeine free pollinator blend.

Sweet and honeylike with an uplifting balance, Crisp and light with distinct floral notes. Great iced, Add a dollop of honey to show your support for bees and beekeepers.

Our ingredients include Organic peppermint leaf, Organic lemon balm, Organic dandelion leaf, Organic lavender flowers, Organic echinacea purpure herb, Organic yarrow, Organic calendula flowers, Organic thyme, Organic wood betony.

Namesake: As beekeepers, we wanted to include among our many exceptional teas, a special tea dedicated to our honeybees. For centuries, beekeepers have raised honeybees, harvesting the sweet honey they produce and relying on them to pollinate crops. In fact, honeybees pollinate an estimated one-third of all the food crops we consume.

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