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Beekeeping in
Paradise Valley, Montana

bee in a honeycomb
bee harvesting honey

Where Is Your Honey From?

Our pure mountain wildflower honey comes directly from the rugged and beautiful Absaroka Mountain Range of the Montana Rockies. At 10,941 feet, Black Mountain is the second highest peak in the Absaroka Range and stands as a sentinel over our apiary and the Paradise Valley below. Our bees forage in some of the most picturesque scenery in North America, and we believe the taste of their honey is a direct reflection.

mountain ranges and trees

Beekeeping in the Paradise Valley of Montana

We strive to raise natural, healthy, and winter-hardy honey bees at the Alpine Honey Bee Farm. Our bees are raised in the Paradise Valley of Livingston, Montana. We believe that raising our bees at a higher elevation minimizes pesticide exposure while promoting winter hardiness. We are committed to raising antibiotic and synthetic chemical-free honey bees.

Trees and Mountains

Journey of Our Honey Bee Stewardship

Beekeeping in our family goes back several generations. My grandmother was in her 90s and still remembered having the job of smoking the bees as a little girl. Her name is Pansy, and we named our first queen after her. She fondly recalled that honey was a family staple that was always on the table.


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